Master painter Alfonso Mangone was born in Altavilla Silentina (Salerno) in 1958. In 1976 he moved to Catanzaro to study at the Academy of Fine Arts where he took the course of painting with Professor Gianni Pisani. He completed his studies in 1980, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence following the course of painting with Professor Gustavo Giulietti. Mangone’s pictorial research began in these years and thanks to it the author, just twenty years old, kept studing and to establish relationships with numerous intellectual artists and art critics. These richer years brought him into contact with several foreign artists such as Kcrista Von Baum and Felicitas Pallat. In the same years he started an intense exhibition activity in Italian galleries and public spaces. Mangone’s many travels during these years led him to attend the artistic and intellectual circles in Berlin. In 1990 he moved to the Netherlands, participating in several exhibitions in major Dutch cities. He created a series of exhibitions at the Italian Institute of Culture in Amsterdam, presented by Aldo Braibanti and Barbara Tosi. In addition to pictorial works, in the Netherlands, he created murals in public spaces such as: subways, theatres, discos, and parks.


Among the many exhibitions in which he participated we point out the most recent ones:

  • 2015 Turin, BMM Biennale Museo Mit; Barcelona (Spain), Museum of Modern Art Palazzo Gomis, “Bienal de Arte”;
  • 2016 Paris (France), Maison de l’Italie – University International City, contemporary Italian artists; Stuttgart (Germany); Town Hall (Italian Institute of Culture), ART Germany; Verona, Vittorio Sgarbi presents the first three-year of Contemporary Art; Baden-Baden (Germany) Luxury Art, Altes Dampfbad Museum; Tivoli (Rome), Eensi stables, which twinned between Italian and Turkish artistic and cultural movements; Florence, ARTinGENIO, exhibition “The Florence of Alfonso Mangone”, Church of San Jacopo;
  • 2017 Palermo, first International Mediterranean Biennale; Milan, Vittorio Sgarbi presents Alfonso Mangone at the Biennale- International Art Meeting; Padua, New MAG-Mediolanum Art Gallery, introspective luminescences, critical presentation by Dr. Giorgio Grasso, curator of the Venice Biennale; Palermo, Gallery EA Effect Art, “The genius beyond form: an exhibition between signs and colours”; Lake Garda (Verona), International Biennale of Contemporary Art; Berlin (Germany), Jelmoni Gallery; Budapest (Hungary), Italian Institute of Culture formerly the seat of the first Hungarian Parliament, contemporary Italian artists; Milan, Vittorio Sgarbi presents the biennial of Contemporary Art, second edition; Fortress from Basso (Florence), Florence Biennale, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, 11th Edition and ARTh Creativity & Sustainability; Stockholm (Sweden), Alviks Bibliotek, shows Italian artists ontemporanei; Naples, Castel del Ovo, where Totò Antonio De Curtis was dialogue with artists;
  • in 2018 Flanders (Belgium), International Biennale; Stuttgart (Germany), Stuttgart City Hall, (Italian Institute of Culture), shows contemporary Italian artists; Florence, Space ARTinGENIO 78th, contemporary art exhibition, “The Apple of Sin” curator Francesco Corsi Editore; Palermo, Teatro Biondo, 1st International Art Prize, with the presence of Philippe Daverio, Paolo Levi, Edoardo Sylos and Sandro Serradifalco; Santa Maria di Sala (Venice), Villa Farsetti, international exhibition of contemporary artists.


Mangone’s work has been featured in news and criticism services in most newspapers, specialised magazines, as well as various television stations, creating the interest of art critics, such as: Vittorio Sgarbi, Giorgio Grasso, Paolo Levi, Barbara Tosi, Francesco Corsi, Aldo Braibanti, Antonio D’Avossa, and Vittorio Sutto. His work features in art galleries, museums, cultural centres and public and private collections in Italy and abroad.